Child Custody Modifications in New Bern, NC

Working with a New Bern Family Law Attorney for Custody Modifications

Establishing a child custody arrangement that best suits both your children and your own needs can be arduous and complicated. This is especially so when the separation is angry and bitter. When family law attorneys and judges create a custody and visitation schedule, the intention is for it to last for years, but circumstances can change for both the parents and children. A situation that changes necessitates a child custody modification.

In the event that you are either looking for or opposing a child custody modification, you need an experienced family attorney in New Bern who can act on your behalf. Our legal team at Irons & Irons, P.A. is dedicated to partnering with you to help you achieve your goals and act in the best interest of both you and your children.

Common Reasons for Child Custody Modifications

Visitation scheduling must be substantiated in the courts for even minor changes. In order to get child custody arrangements modified, a parent or guardian must show that a meaningful change of circumstances has occurred that directly affects the child’s welfare, and has taken place since the original decree was entered into the divorce agreement. Some of the issues that can support modification in the child custody arrangement include:

  • A parent’s work schedule or employment status changes
  • A child’s school or extracurricular activity schedule changes
  • A parent relocates away from New Bern (either due to work or personal reasons)
  • A parent is unable to suitably care for or provide a safe environment for a minor child as a result of inappropriate housing, alcohol or drug use, or incarceration
  • Abuse or neglect of the child

A Family Law Attorney to Represent You In Out-of-State Custody Actions

It is a common occurrence in today’s world for people to relocate to a different state in order to find better opportunities for themselves and their children. Relocation can lead to improved circumstances for the parent, but it can create complications in child custody arrangements and create conflicts. Both the physical difference between the two parents and the state laws can make it difficult to co-parent successfully.

In an effort to prevent parents from moving to a different state for the sole reason that the custody laws are more beneficial to their circumstances in that state, North Carolina adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). The UCCJEA specifies that an original child custody resolution must be determined in either the child’s home state or the state in which they have lived for the past six consecutive months before the custody case begins. If there isn’t a home state that meets the guidelines of the law, a custody determination can be made by a state where the child and at least one parent has a meaningful association or where evidence exists regarding the child’s care, protection, education, and personal relationships.

Our team of family law attorneys in New Bern is experienced in working with issues that are related to UCCJEA. In situations where a case crosses state lines, we strive to get the best outcome by protecting your rights as a parent and keeping the best interests of your child at the forefront.

Family Law Attorneys Advocating for You

At Irons & Irons, P.A., our team of family law attorneys understands the importance of child custody modification cases. We know how critical these decisions are for you and your child’s well-being. This is why we are passionate about working on your behalf and delivering the best results possible.

Our child custody lawyers provide skillful representation in showing how a child custody modification either is or is not beneficial to the child. Working with us, you can have peace of mind regarding the complex issues related to custody law. We help you by presenting a compelling case that clearly demonstrates why a modification is needed or should be denied. We offer parents who are in the midst of the most difficult situations an assurance that their legal matters are getting the full attention from an expert advocate.

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