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Getting a divorce is a stressful, disruptive experience even when you know that it is the best solution. The future is unclear, which makes for a time of worry and angst. You and your family’s welfare is at stake, and that puts a lot of pressure on your decisions. When you have an experienced New Bern divorce attorney working by your side, you can feel a sense of relief because you’re getting the expert legal guidance that you deserve. With one of our divorce attorneys, you have an advocate that puts you in a position where you can move into the future with more confidence.

Understanding Simple and Absolute Divorce

A simple divorce is the legal termination of your legal marriage. This is an uncontested divorce that can often be done quickly, without either party having to enter a courtroom. In order to be eligible for a simple divorce, at least one spouse must be a North Carolina legal resident, and the couple must live separately and reside at separate addresses for one year and one day (over 12 consecutive months).

Simple and Absolute Divorce

A simple divorce is a divorce that is an uncontested legal termination of the marriage. Many times, a simple divorce can be done quickly without having to go to court. In North Carolina, in order to qualify for a simple divorce, at least one spouse must be a legal resident of North Carolina and the couple must live separately, residing at separate addresses, for one year and a day.

Simple divorce is the non-legal term for an absolute divorce. When a New Bern divorce attorney files your paperwork in the court, that action is called an “absolute divorce.” In common conversation outside of a courtroom, the two terms can be used interchangeably. Simple divorce is the more common term.

Working with a New Bern Simple Divorce Attorney

It’s important for you to understand, even before filing for divorce, what the legal process is regarding an absolute divorce. Our New Bern divorce lawyers are experts at taking you through the entire process, explaining your rights and obligations. We act in your best interest concerning claims for property distribution,child custody, and spousal support. Since it is necessary to state these claims in a timely manner, we provide guidance early in the process so you can make smart decisions.

When you engage with us early in the process, we can also help you to create or negotiate a separation agreement/a> that protects you during the one-year separation period.

Our Practical Approach to Divorce Law

This type of divorce is administratively an easy process, so our New Bern simple divorce lawyers charge a flat fee plus court costs. From beginning to end, an absolute divorce can be completed in less than 60 days.

You Are In a Position for a Successful Future

At Irons & Irons, P.A., our divorce attorneys believe in offering the highest quality of legal representation and providing you with considerate and sympathetic legal counsel as you embark on the divorce process. We take a proactive approach tofamily law, always striving to achieve the best possible results, even in difficult situations. 

We don’t just respond to developments in your case, as many divorce law firms do. We take a proactive posture by making a plan and carrying it through to see the end goal of justice. Every step along the way, we are assisting you as you envision the future you want to build, and helping you take the necessary steps to make that future a reality.

Customer Reviews

  • Irons & Irons helped me with a simple a.k.a absolute divorce. What could have been an extremely difficult process turned out to be as streamlined as possible. Attorney Irons and his staff were knowledgeable, timely, and always available to help me answer the many questions I had during the process. This can be a very stressful time and it was comforting to know that I had a great divorce law firm team on my side. I highly Irons & Irons.

    Johanna McPherson

  • When my marriage was no longer working, we both knew it was time for a divorce, but wanted a stress-free solution. Irons & Irons walked me through the process of simple divorce, and I knew that was the right option. We were able to go our separate ways easily and Irons & Irons took care of the paperwork and red tape so we could move on. They were professional, supportive, and answered all my questions easily.

    John Gallagher

  • My ex and I were separated for awhile, neither of us wanting to go through the hassle of an expensive divorce. I read about how North Carolina has a simple divorce option and I called Irons & Irons. They told me about how they could file all the paperwork, we didn't need to go to court, and it would be over and done with fast. They handled it all!

    Seth O'Brien

  • My ex and I were only married about 10 months when he was ready to call it quits. I didn't want a drawn out, stressful legal battle, so I went to Irons & Irons where they told me they could do a simple, or absolute divorce in less than 60 days. They explained everything, making sure I completely understood my rights, and through the whole process, all I had to do was sign paperwork. I'm so glad I had them to look out for me and take care of this!

    Tracy Riley

  • I called Irons & Irons to help me get an absolute divorce. They told me what I could expect during the process, filed all the necessary paperwork, and got it finalized in weeks when I thought it would be a months-long process. I was so glad I could trust them to handle it so I could move on with my life!

    Derek Watts

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