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A New Bern Divorce Lawyer Can Guide You During Legal Separation

In North Carolina a couple has to be legally separated, living in separate domiciles, for 12 months and one day in order to obtain either a traditional or a simple divorce. It isn’t required that you file separation paperwork; however, it is important to keep documented proof of when you actually separated.

By creating a New Bern separation agreement, a divorce lawyer can guide you during the separation period prior to the divorce proceedings in order to protect yourself, your family, and your assets.

A Separation Agreement with a Divorce Attorney is the First Step

A separation agreement is a written legal contract between spouses that outlines the terms, including spousal support, child support and visitation, as well as the . This contract is not proof of legal separation, but it is an extremely important component of the separation process.

Your divorce attorney will ensure that the separation agreement protects you by safeguarding those elements that are important–support for you, support for your children, allocation of time with children, review of financial and other assets being divided. By being the foundation of the divorce terms, this contract can make the divorce proceedings move more efficiently. In this way, it prevents contentious litigation and, ultimately, leads to the desired outcome.

A Separation Agreement for Non-Divorcing Couples

There are situations where a couple chooses to separate, but not to divorce. Possible reasons might be religious grounds, reconciliation plans, health benefits, or military benefits. Even though you choose to continue being married while living separately, it remains important to protect yourself, your family, and your assets.

A separation agreement allows you to have control over your marital assets such as joint bank accounts. For example, we can help you in specifying criteria to prevent your spouse from removing assets without your knowledge or approval. A legal agreement can limit or eliminate risk and protect your credit and financial position in the event that your spouse accrues debt, is noncompliant with the IRS, or engages in financial misconduct.<

A New Bern Divorce Law Firm Working On Your Behalf

Our experienced team of divorce lawyers can work with you to create a separation agreement and negotiate terms through mediation. If you’ve already worked out terms with your spouse, we can review the agreement to be sure that it covers all the important points and works with your best interests.

The goal is to help you obtain a separation agreement that has your best interests protected, whether it is for the divorce waiting period or a long-term separation.

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