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Our team of divorce lawyers in Craven County have a record of success when it comes to solving issues related to spousal support and alimony after a divorce. Regardless if you are seeking a collaborative divorce, a simple divorce, or even if your situation is complicated by a high net worth, we have the skills and dedication necessary to gain the best decision regarding spousal support. We understand this is a complex and personal issue and requires a clear, personalized strategy to ensure you achieve the outcome you desire, and we will fight on your behalf to bring that outcome to fruition.

The Steps To Pursue or Appose Alimony

Whether you are pursuing post-separation support or opposing it, the first step is to draw a clear picture of your finances, called a Financial Affidavit. We will help you complete this document which should contain everything related to your monthly income and outgoing expenses. This document should be as accurate as possible when sharing your financial state.

The next step in this process is to determine whether or not one spouse was truly dependent financially throughout the marriage. Our team of divorce lawyers will help you define those roles to make sure the court has clarity.  If that is found to be the case, the court will determine if that spouse will need ongoing support after the marriage is dissolved and if the supporting spouse has the financial capability to complete that support. Conduct during the marriage, such as adultery may play a role in awarding or denying spousal support.

A Divorce Law Firm Advocating on Your Behalf

At Irons & Irons, P.A., we understand that just like every marriage is unique, so are your needs following a divorce. We’ll provide a personalized strategy based on your goals to help you achieve the best outcome regarding alimony and spousal support. Whether we are engaging in negotiation or more intensive litigation in a courtroom, we’ll make sure your needs are met and work to reach a decision in your favor.

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When you are seeking or opposing spousal support or alimony, it’s important to protect your future and secure your financial stability. To consult with a divorce lawyer in New Bern to help you with issues related to alimony, call 252-320-7399 or simply complete the contact form below.

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