New Bern Divorce Attorneys Open Third Branch

Irons & Irons P.A. is proud to announce that we have recently opened our third location with our personal injury and family law firm in New Bern. We are excited to have the opportunity to provide compassionate advocacy to our clients and work on their behalf to help them meet their goals and gain favorable outcomes from the justice system, whether they are seeking a divorce, want to update a custody agreement, or are seeking compensation after an injury. Located at 225 Broad Street Suite B, we are across the street from the Craven County Courthouse, so we are conveniently located and easy for clients to find.

Solution-Oriented New Bern Divorce Attorneys

Led by Attorney Gib Irons, our divorce attorneys understand the complexity of divorce and how so many factors can affect an outcome and your future. Our experienced team can help you navigate divorce at every stage, from the original separation, through the collaborative negotiation or litigation process, all the way through the day your divorce is finalized. We are there for you and with you, helping you determine your goals, creating personalized strategies to help you meet them, and striving to help you obtain favorable results.

Our New Bern divorce lawyers offer the following services to help you dissolve your marriage and move toward a confident, secure future:

Absolute Divorce

Absolute divorce, also more commonly called “simple divorce,” is the term given to an uncontested divorce where the marriage is dissolved without the need for litigation or property division. Often, the method is best for when the two parties don’t have shared children, shared property, or other complications that would need to be worked out. We can file paperwork on your behalf and ensure your rights are protected during this time.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an uncontested option in which both parties work together to create the terms of their separation with their attorneys. The idea is to create a mutually beneficial outcome allowing both parties to work amicably and retain their dignity. This option is often shorter, less stressful, and less expensive than litigation in a contested divorce.

High Net Worth Divorce

For couples with complicated financial holdings, you need a New Bern divorce attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in these matters and who has connections with financial experts who will analyze and make recommendations based on your holdings. While a high net worth divorce may seem daunting, we can make it much more streamlined as we strive to meet your goals.

Property Distribution

Property distribution, including dividing pensions and retirement accounts during divorce, can be complicated, especially because North Carolina is a state that requires equitable distribution, rather than equal property division. We know you want to move forward with what is rightfully yours, as well as a sense of confidence for the future. Our divorce lawyers will do everything possible to achieve this.

Separation Agreements

In North Carolina, there is a one-year separation period before you can file for divorce. During this time, there is no legal protection in place related to dividing up property, setting up child custody or support payments. Our team can help you negotiate a separation agreement that can keep things civil, protect both parties, and even serve as the foundation for the divorce agreement.

Services from Our New Bern Family Law Attorneys

In addition to divorce, we also provide legal services and representation for issues related to family law. We understand that these are often highly emotional, difficult cases, and we will work with you to identify your goals, set reasonable expectations, and have clarity in your options while we advocate on your behalf for your rights as a parent.

We work with parents and guardians in Craven County in issues related to child custody and child custody modification as well as child support and modification. Whether you’re in the divorce or separation process and are concerned about custody and support, or you have an existing arrangement but life changes require you to seek an adjustment to the arrangement, you need a child custody attorney who will support you and assist you toward your goals.

Personal Injury Attorneys for Craven Country

In addition to family law, we are also proud to provide representation to those who need a personal injury attorney in New Bern. Attorney Harry H. Albritton is an experienced, dedicated lawyer who represents clients in personal injury cases as well as medical malpractice cases. If you’ve been injured in an accident or due to a healthcare worker’s negligence, he will fight on your behalf to help you achieve fair compensation and hold those accountable responsible.

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Whether you’re going through a divorce, need a modification to your child support, or are seeking compensation after an accident, we are here to help. We are passionate about serving the local community and want to provide fair, accessible representation to people who need it. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, reach out to us today at 252-320-7399 or fill out our contact form.

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