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During times of crisis, you may not know where to turn. There are important decisions that need to be made and making the right decisions is often difficult. You may be fearful of losing custody of your children, the end of your marriage, an injury sustained by another person, or grieving the loss of a loved one. In these instances, you can depend on the attorneys at Irons & Irons P.A. to provide you with sound, compassionate legal advice to help you rebuild your life for a brighter future.

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Customer Reviews

  • Irons & Irons P.A. helped me both start the process and also finalize my divorce. It was a difficult time but they helped me through every step. Whenever I called or emailed, they responded quickly and with the answers I needed. If you are looking for a divorce attorney in New Bern, I recommend contacting Irons & Irons.

    Leslie Stratton

  • My experience with attorney, Gib Irons, was excellent. I always felt that my case was very important to him. He always responded quickly to my messages. When my spouse was not prompt about responding, he was quick to intervene. He made a very stressful situation less so for me. I thought he was very well versed in divorce law and had sound advice to give me. He also seems to really enjoy his work and has a positive can-do attitude. Very professional and well worth the money I spent. I am a believer in outsourcing to an experienced professional.

    Robert Bates

  • Attorney Irons and his staff guided us with grandparent rights and gaining permission to adopt our granddaughter. Now we have our lovely granddaughter living at our home and we don't have to worry anymore. My husband and I highly recommend Irons & Irons.

    Gladys Rightor

  • Attorney Gib Irons and his staff expertly guided me through the collaborative divorce process. I didn't know what collaborative divorce was when I started my divorce, but Gib explained it to me and it was the right fit for the dissolution of my marriage. I recommend contacting Irons & Irons to represent you during your divorce.

    Erin Evans

  • Irons & Irons helped me with a simple a.k.a absolute divorce. What could have been an extremely difficult process turned out to be as streamlined as possible. Attorney Irons and his staff were knowledgeable, timely, and always available to help me answer the many questions I had during the process. This can be a very stressful time and it was comforting to know that I had a great divorce law firm team on my side. I highly Irons & Irons.

    Johanna McPherson

  • I hire Irons & Irons to gain 50/50 custody of my kids and I'm so grateful that I did. Nothing is more stressful than the thought of not being present for your children. The support and communication I received from attorney Irons as we navigated to the court date, was unprecedented. On the day of the trial, Gib and his team went far beyond my expectations. They combed through hundreds of documents and a complex timeline that ultimately won me the custody that I deserved. If you are looking for expert representation for your custody battle, look no further than Irons & Irons.

  • I thought my divorce from my wife was going to be complicated and lengthy because of the assets we acquired during our 28-year marriage. We co-owned a business together, we owned a couple of rental properties at the beach, and we had been saving to our retirement accounts for many years. I contacted Irons & Irons for their reputation with high-net-worth divorce and I'm so glad I did. They guided me throughout the whole process.

    Chuck Powers

  • After I got a new job, I knew the custody arrangement the courts decided just wouldn't work anymore. I went to Irons & Irons because I didn't know how to seek changes on my own. Fortunately, my attorney really looked at what was best for me and my children and put in a modification request that took into account my schedule changes that was quickly and easily granted. If I'd tried to do this on my own, I know it would have been stressful and probably unsuccessful, so I'm so grateful to everyone there for their help and support!

    Christine Miller

  • When my marriage was no longer working, we both knew it was time for a divorce, but wanted a stress-free solution. Irons & Irons walked me through the process of simple divorce, and I knew that was the right option. We were able to go our separate ways easily and Irons & Irons took care of the paperwork and red tape so we could move on. They were professional, supportive, and answered all my questions easily.

    John Gallagher

  • After 19 years of marriage, I wanted a divorce, but my husband and I both own rental property together, plus a large investment portfolio. I heard Irons & Irons did a lot of work for high net worth divorce, and I'm so glad I chose them. They were able to create a clear picture of our finances and they fought for what I was entitled to so I wouldn't lose out on years of hard work or have to start over from scratch!

    Sandy Garcia

  • When my wife and I decided to get a divorce, we knew the last thing we wanted was a long, drawn out court case. We knew that would be hard on our children and difficult for us. I consulted with Irons & Irons about what I wanted, and Gib Irons and I discussed collaborative divorce. I hadn't heard of it before but I knew an amicable experience would be healthier for both us and our children. Thanks to Gib, I got excellent advice and we created the terms for our divorce that we were both happy with. We even got to work with a child psychologist who gave us support tips for how to better support our kids during the whole process.

    Matt Parker

  • When it came to my divorce, I was most worried about child custody. My ex wasn't an attentive father, and I had a lot of concerns about my son's well-being if he was alone with him. I went to Irons & Irons, and they truly listened and understood my concerns. They answered all my questions, walked me through the entire process, and when it was time for court, they fought for supervised visits. I got the peace of mind I needed while my son still gets to visit with his dad.

    Gina Hilbert

  • As a dad, I was worried about my rights to custody in my divorce. I wanted joint custody so I could be an involved parent instead of the typical every other weekend arrangement. I had so many people tell me it wasn't going to happen, but I went to Irons & Irons for help. My lawyer took a close look at my case and helped me get the joint custody I wanted. I'm so thankful to Irons & Irons for helping me get to be with my kids!

    Casey Lofton

  • My ex decided he wanted to move to a different state and take our kids with him, even though we had joint custody. I was terrified I was going to lose my kids! A friend of mine went to Irons & Irons for her divorce so I went to them for help. My attorney was incredible - he was reassuring, patient, and anytime I had a question, I could call and he'd be right there to answer. In court, he fought for me to keep my kids from leaving the state, and we got a child custody modification that gave me primary custody and my ex got visitation where he had to come back to the state to see them. I was thrilled with the outcome!

    Emma Jenkins

  • My ex and I were separated for awhile, neither of us wanting to go through the hassle of an expensive divorce. I read about how North Carolina has a simple divorce option and I called Irons & Irons. They told me about how they could file all the paperwork, we didn't need to go to court, and it would be over and done with fast. They handled it all!

    Seth O'Brien

  • With the kids grown up, my wife and I realized it was time to go our separate ways. We own several businesses and I was afraid I'd lose everything in my divorce. I didn't want to start over with nothing at 55, so I went to Irons & Irons because I know they deal in high net worth divorces. I talked to Gib Irons who brought in a financial expert to look over my information, and he created a settlement solution that made sure I wouldn't struggle to start over. It was so much easier than I thought it would be.

    Gilbert Hernandez

  • Before our divorce, my husband and I had built a pretty good sized retirement account and investment portfolio. I didn't have any idea how that could be divided up. However, Gib Irons explained how high net worth divorce worked and he helped me come through my divorce with what I needed to start over in my new life without worrying about money.

    Tonya Williams

  • My wife and I owned some commercial rental property and a successful landscaping business, plus we had a vacation house at the beach. Irons & Irons went through my assets with me and got a clear look at my assets, then went to bat for me in court so I wouldn't lose all my hard work. I'm so glad I went with them because they really understand high-net-worth divorces.

    DeMarcus Holland

  • My ex and I were only married about 10 months when he was ready to call it quits. I didn't want a drawn out, stressful legal battle, so I went to Irons & Irons where they told me they could do a simple, or absolute divorce in less than 60 days. They explained everything, making sure I completely understood my rights, and through the whole process, all I had to do was sign paperwork. I'm so glad I had them to look out for me and take care of this!

    Tracy Riley

  • I called Irons & Irons to help me get an absolute divorce. They told me what I could expect during the process, filed all the necessary paperwork, and got it finalized in weeks when I thought it would be a months-long process. I was so glad I could trust them to handle it so I could move on with my life!

    Derek Watts

  • My husband and I didn't want to subject our kids to a long divorce or a difficult custody arrangement. I went to Irons & Irons for advice, and they told me a collaborative divorce could be the right option, and I really liked how that sounded. My lawyer and I met with my husband and his lawyer and together, we sat down and decided what worked best for our family. There was no arguing, no fighting and, by the end, we both had terms we agreed on.

    Robin Jordan

  • I talked to Gib Irons at Irons and Irons about a collaborative divorce, and when he explained how my ex and I defined our own terms and we didn't have to go to court, I knew this would be a better option. I'm really glad I didn't have to spend all the time and money from a drawn out legal battle. Instead we both got what we wanted and went our separate ways.

    Tom Hill

  • Irons & Irons were incredible during my divorce. I chose a collaborative divorce because I thought it would be best for my kids. My lawyer answered all my questions, he was always available when I had concerns, and I never felt out of the loop leading up to the proceedings. It was a better experience than I ever expected!

    Pamela Gamble

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